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Welcome in our online shop with collection of clothes, products and accessories in 2018/2019. 

The shop was created to buy products you need without leaving home, to choose what you need and order it, through online shop. I have been travelling a lot, I found that not so many clothes are comfortable and fashionable at the same time. More of the clothes were for everybody, but you want to wear clothes that are made special, they were made for you. Everything was either too baggy or to modern to wear; for trainings, rehearsals, meetings or photo sessions. That is when the idea came, to create the collection that is comfortable, fashionable and classy. With inspiration of all the countries I have been to in Europe; from Poland through Belgium to Sweden, we have created the universal complex of clothes for women and men. 

Thank you again for being here, and know that with each product you purchase, you are getting one of a kind piece, that is made with love, care, and quality. 


                     From my company and myself,

                                             Team UBC Group