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TEAM TOOLS książka Angelici Pegani

Dane szczegółowe:
oprawa: miękka
liczba stron: 215
format: 16.5x23.5
język wydania: angielski
data wydania: Czerwiec 2018
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About what is a book?

The subject of this paper is the analysis of necessary tools for global teams, image of the team leader, styles of leadership in global teams. The analysis is based on selected examples from high-performance teams with visible results. The purpose of the work is to answer for the following questions:

  • What are the characteristics of the leading global teams?
  • Which style of leadership use the global teams?
  • Is female leader different from the male leader in a team?
  • What factors influence the team's leadership style?
  • When the topic of discussion is management and when – leadership accordingly in the most driven international teams?
  • How should a leader of a team behave?
  • Is the cooperation of the leader with other people important in a team?
  • What kind of people lead successful companies?

I will try to answer the above questions based on my own research. At the beginning, research methodology was presented in the light of the theory, based on the available literature of the subject.

The purpose and object of the study, the research problem and the research hypothesis, the method, the technique and the research tools, and the place and time of the research were defined specifically. Subsequently, a general team mission was quoted in the light of available literature. As a result, the definition of the team leader was mentioned, it is styles listed, and the origins of that phenomenon as well. Women and men were analyzed as leaders as two different creatures that use management and leadership in their described way that leads to become sucessful team. The advantages and disadvantages of working in a team, the similarities and the differences between using different types of intelligence in practise.

Most of all, sight of the future of the team leader's function predicted by the researchers. The use of many kinds of intelligence is a leading topic that was presented in the paper. The available results of the own research conducted in selected international companies were presented completely in a book. Moreover, the development of the team leader's work has been approximated: from co-operation with people, through work styles, to the types of pursuit of goals by the team leaders.


Who should read this book?

  • Business owners of large corporations
  • Directors, menagers and supervisors of companies
  • Team leaders and project leaders
  • Specialists of communication and PR
  • People  interested in building successful teams


Who are the authors?

Angelica Pegani - Author of 6 books, qualified radio and television journalist, PR manager, certified advertising and marketing specialist. She works in the management position at the Excellence World Foundation and UBC Entertainment and Management Group. As the Chairwoman, Spokesperson and Secretary General at the Excellence World Foundation, she is involved in the international humanitarian, charity and community development projects. She takes part in an academic seminars and conferences and speaks about mass media, leadership and management inside industries based mainly in Poland and United Kingdom.

Steven Cockerill - Captain with over 18 years of experience in rank. Holds a MCA Master Mariner certificate - a professional qualification required to become a Captain that allowed him to be in charge of a commercial vessel of any size, of any type, operating anywhere in the world. Previously, he served as a Master in the biggest shipping company Maersk Company Limited. Currently, he takes command of one of the Danish ro-ro/pax vessels on Dover-Dunkerque route. He takes part in conferences and was a speaker at the International Shipping Conference organized by The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) which is the principal international trade association for shipowners based in United Kingdom.




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